Your Health Starts Here

Do you……

  • feel your health is suffering from a ‘work, work, work’ lifestyle
  • think you would perform better at work if you were healthier
  • feel frustrated by stubborn weight that won’t go away despite dietary changes
  • feel overwhelmed when trying to cook healthy meals 

or have you….

  • struggled for years with unresolved digestive distress
  • been diagnosed with IBS or other digestive disorders
  • thought about making dietary changes but don’t quite know where to start
  • tried removing certain foods from your diet but found it confusing or not very helpful


I can relate. I’ve been there too.

I struggled for years with digestive distress, acne, poor sleep, anxiety, not knowing what to eat, and weight gain. Doctors said I was “fine” and needed to drink more water and take fiber.

Knowing something is amiss with your body, but not knowing quite what to do, or how to reach your goal, is a frustrating feeling that can consume your life.

Take a moment to consider working with me – I am a Certified Health Coach who takes a holistic approach to wellness.

Personally, when I was unwell, I wasted so much money and effort buying and trying all these supposed healthy products, when what I really needed was the right information.

We can address:

healthy cooking,healthy eating, specific nutritional needs, lifestyle, stress, sleep, work, and exercise.Furthermore, I am a professionally trained chef so I can really help you have some fun in the kitchen! Cooking lessons can be part of the program if you request them.

An initial complimentary session is suggested to determine what your needs are and what program would be best for you.

For any questions, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Grace  at:

or call:


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